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Lotharek MiST v1.5 now available for pre-order


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I got my Mist last month, and I'm still in awe. Hooked it up to a Trinitron crt vga 30khz monitor. I've set up three different sd-cards with different cores; ST, Ami and Mac. These cores are rock solid!

I'm selling off my Amiga 600 now, it is simply not worth the hassle, after I got the Mist. (Keeping my real Mac and my Atari ST's though.)


What I like about the machine, is that it comes as a finished box. No endless add-ons like the MistER. The product is done and fully contained. Lovely case, lovely build quality.


I don't recommend using the Mist with a CRT TV in 480i 15khz, as some cores lose picture sync when direction 'left' on classic joysticks is used. Also, you need to get a Mist compatible vg2scart cable with resistors installed in the cable, as some pins are too high voltage and could fry your expensive PVM. (Theoretically.)


As for joysticks.
- For USB I only got the original Xbox 360 wired controller to work. I tried 7 others USB-joypads without luck.

- 8bitdo 2.4ghz genesis replicas through the classic joystick connector is a no go as well.

- Sega Mega Drive pads work fine in the right port.

- Classic Amiga mice works fine, but I ended up just using an usb mouse.


I highly recommend getting a Mist, especially if your main thing is classic micro computers. In fact, I'm relieved that I didn't purchase the MistER instead! As others have said, I feel a resurgence on the horizon.


The general stagnation of core development and maintenance suffers equally on both Mist and MistER. But what's there is really good.

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5 hours ago, dakidski said:

I don't recommend using the Mist with a CRT TV in 480i 15khz, as some cores lose picture sync when direction 'left' on classic joysticks is used. 


That's pretty weird. I have never connected a MiST to a TV so that is new news to me. I have connected a MiSTer to a CRT and while a lot of cores would not function at the resolution, I never had a problem like this. But then again, MiSTer does not have classic 9-pin DIN controller ports integrated. I would report this to Lotharek and see what he says.


While I have used classic joysticks like a Competition Pro on the MiST (which is great on Amiga/ST/C64) I typically use a USB controller for the convenience and extra buttons. The Retrobit Legacy16 is a perfect companion :)


BTW: You can get most USB controllers that aren't working for you to work by adding the proper string to the mist.ini. Using this tool makes it easy:




Direct link to the file:







When done mapping it the way you want in Windows simply add the line generated at the bottom of the mapper application to the mist.ini on the root of your MiST SD card and you are good to go. 

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Welp, mine arrived today! I was surprised to feel it is a little heavier, but it is also a lot smaller! I plan on giving it a full run this weekend. 




64MB of memory now

Much smaller/compact

USB ports on the side now, DB9 controller ports on the back

Barrel power connector added (can be powered by USB or barrel connector now)

Some changes to the led light display on the front


Very cute and portable little black box I must say ;)


The pictures on Lotharek's site need to be updated. It seems he is using old pictures from a previous v1.4 MiST revision. The new one is very different!


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