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Solved: Harmony Cart not found


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Solved, nothing to see here! On the SD card in the Drivers folder is a README with instructions to install the CH341 driver NOT the FTDI driver, both of which are included on the card. The MICRO USB version of the Harmony Cart DOES NOT use the FTDI drivers, plus if your cart includes an SD card, there's no need to download anything (except maybe the Harmony Cart Update Tool V1.3)


Lesson Learned: Never assume the included manual is updated and current. If there's a README, read it!


My original post:

I was playing a game on my AMAZING 😍 and brand-spanking-new Harmony Cart Encore when I accidentally brushed against the Cart, and the screen turned to color bars. So I turned the 2600 off, waited a few seconds before turning it back on, and I can only get color bars and buzzing. Other cartridges are working fine. I guess I caused the equivalent of unplugging the cartridge without turning off the Atari.


So in Windows I installed the Harmony Cart Programming Tool V1.1 from the SD card, plugged in the Micro USB data cable (not a simple power cable) and Windows did its thing, but the software doesn't see the Cart.


I went to the FTDI link in the [*outdated] manual included on the SD card and installed CDM212364_Setup. I restarted Windows, and Harmony Cart Programming Tool still doesn't see the Cart.


Finally I uninstalled Harmony Cart Programming Tool V1.1 and installed Harmony Cart Update Tool V1.3 from the pinned "Latest Harmony Cart software" post by Batari and rebooted. Still no dice.


Any advice on how to proceed?

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