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Feasibility of porting 240p test suite from NES to 7800?


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I've been enjoying a bunch of 7800 gaming since the holidays after a move, and been rediscovering many gems and blown away by recent homebrews like playsoft & TIX's 1942. I credit tep's Donkey Kong XM/PK to helping keep me sane during the pandemic!


As part of this, I've been playing with several upscalers trying for the best S-Video picture from the UAV, and looking forward to RetroHQ's 7800 GameDrive for an RGB option.


I use a handful of games and even a batari's 2600 Harmony cartridge to deal with screen geometry, and RevEng's 7800 Utility Cart for its color display test. It's all a little painful though, as I haven't found an equivalent to Artemio Urbina's 240 test suite that I've used on other consoles.


Many may know of this cross-platform 240 test suite, used to test upscalers and calibrate colors, black and white levels for Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), Sega CD (Mega CD), Sega Dreamcast, PC Engine/Turbografx-16, Super Nintendo/Super Famicom (SNES/SFC), NES, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo GameCube. There's even an Atari Jaguar WIP!

Smenu.png.814da5c64822276c911d7fb38cd6bef6.png PLUGE-Genesis.png.7cfda00c3adecc789556805e2320e48e.png Color-Genesis.png.b27b125d91f9f871c81a090b307b2d67.png


The NES version in particular made me wonder if this might be portable to the 7800? The NES port is a mini version of the 240 test suite in in 6502 assembly language. Obviously, the NES PPU is totally different from MARIA, so much of this is not remotely portable at all and would need to be recoded from C sources, so it's far from trivial.


Anyone ever look into this? Feasible? Or crazy?


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