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ZX Spectrum/128 games


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There are many computer games on ZX Spectrum that I found too difficult to understand and play. Among them: Tir Na Nog, Dun Darach, Marsport, Lords of Midnight, Doomdark's Revenge (not to be confused with the Vradark's Revenge) and many other games.



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On 2/1/2024 at 8:38 AM, Sinyavin said:



Golden Age (1982 - 1993) games for ZX Spectrum were produced in Britain and Spain.


ZX Spectrum was popular in Holland too. It is strange that I do not know Dutch computer games.


Later games for ZX Spectrum are written in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Uruguay. Surely something is written in Brazil.




I love Russian game named Survivisection (see above). Although the game uses some graphics from the Chaos Engine / Soldiers of Fortune game for Amiga, it is a loose continuation of the Far Cry (2004) Windows PC game. )) I love Spanish game named Sword of Ianna (see above). It is a loose continuation of the Severance: Blade of Darkness (2001) Windows PC game. ))


But first of all, I love British and Spanish classics from the 20th century (which is also given above).



oh yeah Sword of Ianna is a very cool homebrew!  And if youre going to copy game graphics, Chaos Engine is the way to go (isnt that Bitmap Brothers?)
So many new games coming out!  I just love these devs so much spoiling us with cool stuff like this:



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1 hour ago, segasonicfan_designs said:

So many new games coming out!  I just love these devs so much spoiling us with cool stuff like this:


Thank you, this is definitely a game I will play - a new game in the good old style. I love all these mazes, caves and castles on ZX Spectrum.


I equally love and equally attentively review both British and Spanish classics here, as well as new games made this century around the world.



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Another four 3D games for ZX Spectrum below.

This game is very similar to the Blood (MS-DOS PC, 1997). Attention, the blogger plays very emotionally, there may be some obscene strong words in his speech.







And, course, some classics here:










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Garfield - Winter's Tail (or Garfield II).

Garfield needs no introduction. He is a fictional cat character first appeared in late 1970's in American comic strip in American newspapers. If you are an American, then you know the details of its history better than I do. This is truly a long-lived cat; he is still alive today in various media.





Pro Tennis Tour.

Tennis at Roland Garros, Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open.






Passing Shot.

It is an another good tennis video game.








Vradark's Sphere.

Vradark's Sphere for ZX Spectrum 48 and 128. It is the first part of the Vradark's Revenge game released for ZX Spectrum Next and PC.

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