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Need help with Ultrasatan, autobot, and Stacy2 internal HD

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Got it all dialed in now. Repaired and restored STacy with nice and bright NOS display, NOS keyboard so all keys work and fresh new Mylar, new button cell RTC battery moved to the battery bay, external US with three 512MB partitions, loaded up with a handful of games, programming tools, and Cubase 3. 

now to drag out the old Emax II midi synth!5D979DD0-1722-4AA6-872C-6821AE448A8A.thumb.jpeg.66e33221f693703c2cc79ded89dd1283.jpeg







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Indeed it is. Only ST experience I had was in 1990 I bought an ST off a guy at work that modded it to run Mac OS. I still have it but it’s got the piggy back ram mod and only sees 512K and I think I’ve isolated it down to a bad ram. I’ve swapped all the socketed chips. With 512k I can’t do anything with it without a floppy drive. Nothing on the US disk runs. 

I remember we wire wrapped some mod board to an ide drive to make it run the Mac roms somehow but I cannot remember any details. It booted straight into system 6. There was no cartridge or emulator software that I can recall and no other splash screens or menus other than system 6. It was my poor man’s Mac at the time and never used it as an ST system til now. 

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Yeah I thought you did. 
well I purchased a new logic board for the 520 and I don’t know what I’m going to do at this ping with it. I was thinking of leaving not as is with 512k and try to find an sf314 and just keep it stock. I could do that new ram upgrade but it’s a lot of work. You have to find some sim rams get the PCB and build it and then pull all the rams off the main board. It’s a huge ordeal. 

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Yeah the ones for the 520 usually have a daughter board that sticks on top of the mmu and it’s unreliable and can damage the socket. The best one I’ve seen is the board that attaches to the motherboard directly where the ram normally goes. 

you remove all the ram chips and replace it with this board. The board has two DIMMs on it brining it to 4mb




problem is you have to order the board from PCBWAY or oshpark etc. then find the ram chips. Likely off of some simms and remove them and pull all the rams off the main board etc. it’s a project. 

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