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Getting Forem ST Running Properly

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Good morning everyone , I was wondering if some kind soul could help me with the settings on Forem ST V 337. I downloaded that version from the official site, and if everything works OK I will be running Forem ST on my Megafile 60 , and of course I will have my regular 8 TB PC-Run BBS up and running again as Spy Visits Spy BBS. 


The PC run BBS is the best BBS that I have ever run, it has been up steady for the last 5 years so there is no problem with it, AND I have the plus pack for the WCBasic program with complete source code for Wildcat 8. At some point I will attempt to put in a conversion from PC-ATASCII into the whole BBS package, it should be doable as all I have to do is translate the ATASCII character set into a regular ANSI setup, (I believe I can do this, as for Bluray disks I am getting the last 4 disks out the door then I will no longer be selling ANYTHING OF THAT SORT and concentrating instead on gathering up a repository of files which most of them are already on my hard drives on the master PC.


The ST will somehow be linked to the master computer through a hub on my router, I believe I can use QWK packets on both systems. I will be running an unheard of 1.5 Megabits per second at $39.00 per month from the router to all systems that are hooked up to it. (I got a special deal with Rogers cause I am A senior).


This system will be put up at the amazing price of free access to all, not many people have used it in the past but I do have Atari ST , Atari 8 Bit , Atari Portfolio , and Amiga Sections all set up (I will add the Amiga section in or around 10:00 AM this morning).


I also will be running a system where SYSOPS can login and ACCESS everything that is on the 5 hard drives , and I do mean everything, (but the actual BBS). I have amassed a lot of unusual files and they are still on the system. Sometime tomorrow night when I finally get my internet back in my apartment, I will set everything up.




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