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Bought sd4st and put files on sd but st does not read


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I have used drive imager but I cannot write to the sd card with the files on it required to run on a real st. The current game files on the card run fine. But when I use drive imager for file transfer nothing happens. I have followed the instructions on the website to a T. I have run the program as admin as well. I just want to transfer the hard disk game file to the sd and have my st read them. I am using a 1040stfm.


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20 hours ago, howerton said:

I put hard disk files on my sd card and when I see them on my st they are just a lot of scrambled files with weird gibberish names. How do I put the files on my sd card and get my st to recognize them and play the games.


It looks like you have an ancient TOS such 1.0 or 1.02; and the SD card format can´t be correctly read by these old TOS.


Try using a ready to use TOS 1.0 or 1.02 SD card image,


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