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Trying to decipher GFA Assembler's (.IS) file format

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Hi all. I have some source code of games I wrote in the early 90s. I used GFA Assembler and so they're stored in that program's file format, .IS.


I've poked at it a bit using Python,  the ST character set, and a hex viewer, and I can decode most of it, but I am not quite there yet, so I was wondering if other people had had more luck with this.

I found the discussion about the GFA Basic format here, as well as the GFA list project, but none of that helped directly.

It looks like the files are tokenized, which sucks because I'd have to get the token tables from somewhere :(

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Please forgive me if you already know this. But you can load GFA assembler on any ST emulator, load your sources and use GFA assembler itself to convert them to plain text files.


Let us know if you are not familiar with emulators and you are not sure how to do this.

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