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SOLD: Atari 600XL, clean, new 64K internal RAM upgrade

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Full disclosure: this is the same 600XL that was previously offered for sale in this thread.  I purchased it specifically to acquire the 1064 that was bundled with it; the machine itself is surplus to requirements for me, so it's being re-offered for sale.


This is a very clean 600XL with only some minor yellowing of the case and no cracks in the plastic.  It has been upgraded to 64K of RAM internally, so is ready to go for the majority of the A8 software library and / or upgrades such as the U1MB which require 64K of base RAM.  A pair of NEC-branded 41464s from a reputable source were used for the RAM upgrade, and they ran the built-in memory self-test overnight (approximately 9 hours) with no errors.  The keyboard, joystick ports, SIO, audio, cartridge port, and RF adapter are in working condition.  The RF shield was reinstalled after the memory upgrade.  No other modifications were performed.


If you're looking for a good, ready-to-go, daily-driver machine that is essentially the same as an 800XL, this one may just fit the bill.


Price is $120 shipped in the Continental US.  I am willing to ship to other destinations by prior arrangement; shipping costs will be adjusted accordingly.  Note that the only item being sold is the machine itself - no cables, peripherals, or other items are included.  Photos below.


























If interested, please contact me via PM.  Thanks!

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  • The title was changed to FS: Atari 600XL, clean, new 64K internal RAM upgrade
11 hours ago, _The Doctor__ said:

wow it's like you got the 1064 for free

A more accurate description would be 'inexpensively', but even that dwindles away rapidly once time and parts are factored into the 64K upgrade.

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  • The title was changed to SOLD: Atari 600XL, clean, new 64K internal RAM upgrade

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