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Help me find this bug please

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I keyed in the entirety of Alfabug from Compute gazette issue 01 and managed to squash all but line 34 which is a bit of a headscratcher. I entered the data exactly so I don't know what could be wrong.


anyone have any ideas?

here is the listing:

Compute Gazette Issue 01 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

page 121


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It says FORI=0TO15 but you have typed FORI=0TO16 which means it tries to read one DATA statement more than intended. Also it should say 41*8 but you typed in 41*2.


Also you have one DATA statement too few on line 36:

36 DATA 36,72,123,254,123,72,36,144,72,123,254,254,123,72,144


should be:

36 DATA 36,72,123,254,254,123,72,36,144,72,123,254,254,123,72,144


Line 57 should be X=7812, you have written X=7182.


Line 78 should have a HOME symbol (inverted capital S), not CLR symbol (inverted heart). Same about line 120.

There are also two skipped spaces on line 78 between PRESS and the CHR$(18) and between CHR$(146) and TO but that is mostly cosmetic.


You have omitted lines 102 and 105.

You have omitted line 118, which returns graphics to normal text.


I see that the REM statement on line 76 is optional. You left out the REM, which means the program will randomly ask you for a letter to press instead of in sequence.

Yes, this is a program intended for 3-6 years old to learn the alphabet.

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