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VBXE particle system

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Put together a little example of more advanced VBXE blitter usage, a particle system running on the blitter:




Caveat: This has only been tested in emulation as I don't have a VBXE. Uses VBXE at $D600.


The entire particle system runs on the blitter: draw/erase, physics update, collision bounds checking, and random number generator. The only 6502 code that runs is a tiny VBI stub that just restarts the blit list every frame, so it can run in the background while other programs are running.






Physics are implemented as position/velocity/acceleration in 8.7 fixed point, with 15-bit addition being done in 6 steps (add low, init carry, stencil copy bit 7 to carry, clear carry from low, add carry to high, add high). Bounds check is Y>=$C0 or X < $10 or X >= $F0, implemented as (Y & (Y - $40)) | ((X - $10) & (X - $70)). The particle system runs 256 particles and resets one particle per frame with random velocity derived from a 32-bit LFSR random number generator.


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great practice!


What I have found to be interesting was, when I had "pressed any key" and the program exited to that default altirra screen, it seemed that VBXE was still on (i could see the special effect).

Should there be 'clear VBXE', disable XDL and other cleanup whilst exiting your app?


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