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Season 13 ~ Minor League Tournament


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Minor League

Survivor Tournament


Minor Leagues Survivor Tourney

~ The Players who are ranked 13-24 in Regular Season will Qualify.

~ It will last 4 Rounds (No more or no less)

~ ONE game per round and ONE week per round.

~ Finish in the bottom half in scoring for that game and you are automatically eliminated.

~ ONLY the last remaining Player will get to pick a Game for Season 14!

~ The TOP 2 ranked players will get to pick the game each week.

(The Minor Leagues will last 4 Weeks)


Round 1 ~ Starts Jan 23 and Ends Jan 29th at Midnight (EST)

Finishing in the bottom Half will result in AUTO ELIMINATION!


Round 1 – Playing: Q*bert (Game 1 A/ )

16) FakeCortex - 54050

19) Keir - 50150

20) GBAG - 48650

13) JGKspsx - 38225

15) LaurenTyler - 37850

14) MoisesTuseto - 33300


22) Krytol - 17500

17) Atarian7

18) TheActivisionary

21) AtariWarlord

23) SkippyBCoyote

24) JacobZu7Zu7

Round 1 – Playing:             Q*bert (Game 1 A/ )

You will be AUTOMATICALLY ELIMINATED by finishing in the bottom half Round 1 


Season 13 games

Vanguard (Game 1, No Continues)

Q*bert (Game 1- A/, Expert Play)

Off The Wall (Peasant)

Midnight Magic (A/, 1 Ball Challenge)

Mr Do! (Game 1)

Battlezone (Game 1)

Beamrider (Game 1)

Pengo (Game 1)

Venture Reloaded (Game 1)

Crazy Balloon (Game 1)

E.T. (Game 3, 1 Run Challenge)

Raft Rider (Game 1)

Gremlins (Game 1)

Alien (Game 1)

Room of Doom (Game 1)

Freeway (Game 8)

Barnstorming (Game 4)

Sky Jinxs (Game 4)

Fishing Derby (Game 1)

Name This Game (Game 5)

M.A.D. (Game 1)

Entombed (Game 1)

Encounter at L5 (Game 1)

Demons to Diamonds (Game 1)

Star Castle Arcade (Game 1)

Boom! (Game 1)

Mr. Yo-Yo (Game 1)

Conquest of Mars (Special Edition)

Seasquest (Game 1)

Flash Gordon (Game 1)

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20150 for my first shot at 1aa. I was reluctant to put this one on my list because I remembered playing it over and over at the beginning of the season and kind of burning myself out on it. I am glad others are enjoying it, though!



EDIT: wow, and my best score in week 2 was 27k. Well, hopefully I can at least improve on that.

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Didn’t move up but bought myself some breathing room: 45750




It was just a relief to have a game that did not go sideways. And honestly, here’s what I did differently: instead of rushing through the initial boards using the patterns I’ve developed, I went super slow and got the snake to jump off a lot more often. I thought you got a lot of points for unused pads and that the difficulty ramped up the longer you played, but it doesn’t seem that that is the case exactly, since going slow got me further than I’ve recently gotten and got me more points too.



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