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Steam Downloading Crashes Windows 10


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Got my VCS yesterday.  Got it set up with Antstream and a couple of games and got Windows 10 running on it via external SSD.  Not the smoothest process ever, but not any worse than any other computer I've ever owned.


Except for Steam.  For whatever reason, I get BSoD whenever I try to download any game >10GB through Steam.  I can download smaller games than that.  I can download large games via GOG Galaxy without any issue (at least so far), and I can download updates and other things through a browser without any apparent issues.  It seems to only be when I'm trying to download a large game through the Steam app.  I get a freeze, BSoD with bugcode usb3 driver.


I deleted Steam and everything associated with it and reinstalled it on a different partition on the same drive.  No joy.  I may bite the bullet and re-flash the USB drive with Windows if I can't find a fix, but setting up a new computer with all your passwords and apps is the worst and I really don't have time for all that in my life right now, and I'm not even sure it's necessary because everything else seems to be working without any issues, including running extremely hardware-demanding games.


Anyone experience this yet, or care to take a stab at what might be happening?  I'm running Windows 10 home, fully updated with optional updates and everything.  All my drivers are up to date so far as I can tell.  Flashed the drive exactly as in Atari's guide.  Drive is an Onn 250 GB Walmart special.

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So, I was home from work today (sick baby) and I was able to mess with it a bit more.  It also crashes when trying to uninstall the partially-downloaded game.  Also, when I boot the VCS in Windows, I get a message at startup telling me not to unplug the USB drive.


So, whatever's happening, it appears that when Steam tries to write to the SSD with Windows on it beyond a certain point, something happens where the computer stops detecting the drive all together.  I don't know if this is specific to Steam, but I have not been able to replicate it outside of that client.


It does appear to only affect the SSD that Windows is on.  I plugged in a USB HDD and downloaded to that, and that worked just fine.  Games were able to run from it surprisingly well.  Maybe it's some kind of weird driver issue.  I also noticed that with the HDMI cable the machine came with, the picture keeps cutting out intermittently.  Weird.

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8 hours ago, zzip said:

Have you tried plugging that SSD into a different USB port?   in case the port is bad.    If same result, I'd suspect the SSD especially if it was a cheap on.


Yeah, I tried that; it's not the port.  I was also thinking the SSD, but then, I don't have any problem writing to it any other way that I've e tried so far.  Download through Chrome, through GOG, copy from other drives... all works just fine.


I don't know; I'm wondering if maybe I should go with a Linux OS for PC mode.  

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