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2600 no colour


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By any chance is this a PAL unit?  If so, using NTSC games with it could potentially cause them to display in black and white.


FWIW, the TIA could be at fault, but I'm trying to avoid pointing fingers at it until all of the other basic possibilities have been gone through.

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15 hours ago, Stephen said:

Dumb question - have you toggled the Color/B&W switch?

Just to be clear here - the colour/b&W switch does exactly zero to the actual RF output from the '2600.  That is, it does not turn colour/b&W on/off.  It is the game cartridge software which may or may not check the status of that switch, and then the software decides what to do with it. Some (very few, almost none) of the cartridges switch to a black and white display when you set it to B&W.  But mostly, most games/software do nothing. And again, this is not a switch that changes the output of the console to the TV from colour to B&W.  Completely a programmer-decision, in other words, what to do with that switch.

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Ok I have now sorted out my issue with the lack of colour.


With the top off and fiddling around before deciding to look deeper, I happened to to knock the reset switch (sideways) and the colour flashed back for a split second.


I removed the switch circuit board and noticed dry contacts on the reset switch, after re-soldering it worked fine.


I haven't looked at any circuit diagrams to see why this would happen but it may now help others (in the future) if they have a similar issue.


Thanks to all that gave advice.

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