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QuadTari Four-Player Adapter Now Available!


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We now have the QuadTari available for purchase in the AtariAge Store! The QuadTari is a device for the Atari 2600 that allows for four-player support with joystick-based games. The QuadTari also allows an AtariVox or SaveKey to be used with two-player joystick-based games when the controllers are plugged into the first port, and the AtariVox or SaveKey is plugged into the second port.


Paddle-based games can also take advantage of the QuadTari, as long as they only use the fire button. Presently, the game VROOM! uses this control scheme, allowing up to eight players to play simultaneously.


The QuadTari features two cables that exit from the top of the unit. These cables plug into your consoles two controller ports. It then provides four controller ports into which you can connect controllers and an AtariVox or SaveKey.


QuadTari with Four Controllers


QuadTari Supported Games


The QuadTari includes the QuadTari unit (with the two cables that plug into your console) and an eight-page manual.

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20 hours ago, m.o.terra kaesi said:

it's not possilbe to (theoretically) connect four controllers + a save key, right?

You have four ports in total, so the max is four devices at the same time. E.g: three controllers + one savekey.

Anyway, the supported configuration (number/type of controllers and other peripherals, and which port each of them needs to be connected to) depends on the specific game.

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