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Need help with Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe

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I've started making a concerted effort to try and complete this awesome game but have hit a snag.  I've been mapping it out, which is something I could never be bothered with as a kid, and have opened up 48 screens but need 60 jewels to access more of the map.  Trouble is I can't figure out how to access some of the jewels.  There is at least 1 blue and 1 red on the left of the map that seem inaccessible, and a screen that is missing from the left of the map too (see question mark on map) that also seems to be inaccessible.  It cannot be accessed from the room below because you access the below room from the right and there's a wall that is too high to jump up to access the ladder up to the missing screen.  It cannot be accessed from the screen to the right because there is a wall blocking your path.  It also cannot be accessed from above because there's a snake in the way.  I've seen a video walkthrough of the C64 version where they annoyingly jump over the snake but I tried that and died.  I then checked the manual and in the Colecovision version, you cannot jump over snakes.  If I cannot access these jewels and missing room, I don't think there's enough jewels to get passed the tribesman in the bottom right of the map in order to access more screens!  Can anyone who may have gotten further with the game please help!






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10 hours ago, Bmack36 said:

You can jump over the snake. You just need to make sure to jump from the correct location so that it doesn't bite you.

When you say "correct location", do you mean the right distance from the snake or you can only jump over them if they're facing away from you?  If the latter, I still have a problem as I can't figure out how to access the room below.  Climbing up the vine from the room below is the only way I would end up with the snake facing away from me.  

I also wondered this morning if collecting the skulls enables you to jump over snakes.  Montezuma's Revenge does something similar and unless I've just done so, I haven't figured out the function of the skulls yet.  It doesn't say what they're for in the manual.

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1 hour ago, Bmack36 said:

Correct distance. Too close and the snake will bite. Too far and you will land on the snake.

Oh good.  That makes things a lot easier.  I only tried once and died and then remembered I thought I’d read that you can’t get passed snakes in the manual.  I then read the manual to confirm.  I don’t have the manual with me to check again but maybe it was referring to the snakes tucked in little niches.

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I finished SH&tST last night. I got to the end and escaped.  You really need that immunity idol to get to the other side of that final screen.  I got there a couple of nights ago but immediately fell in the lava and died.  I really needed the code a tribe member gives you for extra lives too as I was down to 2 spare lives by the end.  I had so much fun getting there.  Congratulations to CollectorVision and all involved.  Such a great game.  I have Caverns of Death too but first, I have some Team Pixelboy games and Risky Rick in Dangerous Traps to try and complete.


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