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What do Ya'll think Atari is going to do with the VCS in 2023?


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If you look at the latest video from 'BHG Media Group', he claims that Atari had only one batch of VCS's manufactured made during the Indiegogo release. But it turned out to be way too many. Since then no more VCS's have been manufactured and Atari now only wants to get rid of their stock.


I don't know if this is correct, but I doubt it. Let's assume that this is not correct and that Atari really wants to continue with the VCS. I think this should be possible, if Atari puts just a little more energy into it. They can well market the VCS as the best machine to play indie and retro games on. To do this, they still need to make some minor changes.


If they focus on indie and retro games, they should separate them more clearly. On the VCS dashboard and the VCS store you now have the distinction between games and apps. They should split the games section into VCS games, Atari 7800 games and Atari 2600 games. If they revive flashback friday then the VCS games won't be flooded with retro games. Then the VCS games are shown more prominently, which makes it more attractive for developers to bring their games to the VCS. Atari could also release 800, Lynx and Jaguar games, without compromising clarity in the store.


More indie game developers should be persuaded to bring their games to the VCS as well. If you're already making games for Steam, it's probably just let Unity do a VCS build and send it to Atari. The owner of Orange Pixel has already calculated in one of his videos that such a small action can double your sales volume. With that example, it shouldn't be that hard to convince indie developers. I believe DavPa is already working on this, but so far I don't see much happening.


The VCS should also be released in Europe. I know this is harder than it looks. Existing stock must be opened up to add European power cords. They should also have to apply for a CE-marking for Europe. But I think with a little effort this is possible. There are many potential VCS buyers in Europe.

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