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New 2600, 5200, 7800 Games Arrive!

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We've just unleashed over 20 new games for the Atari 2600, 5200, and 7800! There are games here for everyone: arcade games, puzzle games, adventure games, maze games, and more! We've also added the QuadTari to the store, which allows you to connect up to four controllers to your 2600, or two controllers with an AtariVox or SaveKey. We now have eight games in the store which support the QuadTari!


Please be aware that due to the expected volume in orders, it will take some time to build and ship games. We expect these orders to begin shipping at the end of February, and they will be shipped in the order received. Once we begin shipping, all outstanding orders should go out fairly quickly. We already have all the printed materials for these games (boxes, manuals, labels, posters), so there will be no delays due to those items.


As a bonus, we've also added ZeroPage Homebrew - The Game to the store to make it easier for people to obtain a copy in physicl form. And finally, the games we released at the end of 2021 are now available to purchase at a lower cost without a box (although you can still optionally purchase the box if you'd like).


Without further ado, here are all the new games! Click on any of the images to jump directly to that game in the store:


Blocks Boulder Dash Gorf Arcade Grizzards Lode Runner Oozy the Goo Slime Quest QYX RAPTOR rubyQ Stratovox VROOM! Rob 'n' Banks 2048 Attack of the PETSCII Robots Dragon's Havoc Galaxian Keystone Koppers Pac-Man Collection 40th Anniversary Edition Popeye Slide Boy in Maze Land UniWar S


Here's a list of the games:




Have fun!  :)

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