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Good monitor for Apple IIC?


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Are you wanting a color monitor or a monochrome one? I'd suggest checking your local Craig's List or something like the Penny Saver. I was looking on eBay before I wrote this, to see if i could find something reasonable to post a link to, but prices on eBay have gone nuts! You might even try a few other Apple II groups, like comp.sys.appleII or the Apple II groups on Facebook.

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Keep in mind when the Apple is in graphics mode, the text will always be a little fuzzy, no matter what display you use. That's due to the way WOZ designed the NTSC color video output. And 80col is best on a monochrome CRT. 


That being said, I grew up with CRTs on my Apple IIc, and haven't messed around much with modern alternatives. So IMO nothing beats an old color CRT. If you are willing to risk one being shipped and it's in your budget, you can often find the apple color monitor IIe or IIc on ebay for around $150-200 + shipping (at least you could about a year ago last I was keeping an eye out for one). There is no functional difference between the two, just different styling and colors to match the designated computer. So a IIe monitor works fine with a IIc and vice versa. And they have a monochrome switch for when you are working in 80col mode. If you are lucky you might find one local on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist or something. 

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