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Hubtrex pedal (and whatever other) switch passthrough "hub"


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Hi guys!

Let me share with you my latest build. It is inspired by MiniVex Pedal controller but I have decided to take a bit different route so I do not just mechanically copy someones work and design.

So when looking for a suitable pedal that I could use for it I have found out that many keyboard sustain pedals (sustain pedals can be either normally opened or normally closed but most of them have switch which allows selection between the two) and switch pedals for tattoo equipment are using 6.3 jack connectors, so I have decided to put 8 jack connectors for 4 fire buttons and all 4 directions so that one can use whatever pedal(s) (or any other switch, if prefered one can install switch on the forehead and activate it by banging against the wall 😅) and how many he likes to control either fire or direction with the feet (or any other part of the body as mentioned above). It has a passthrough for the joystick. I have named it "Hubtrex" because it reminds me of a network hub although is not quite a hub, but haven't got anything more clever into my mind.

I have bought 2 low profile switches from tattoo equipment shop to test it with and it works. But I haven't played much yet, its more fun for me to build things than play games. 🙂

It would be IMHO quite nice for the games like Hyperchase to controll break and acceleration with the feet... What do you think which game could benefit by using this device? 🙂








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52 minutes ago, rastislav said:

How you play it, i.e. what you are controlling with pedals?

You can control the fire, thrust and tractor beam with the foot pedals, depending on how you set the foot pedal configuration switches. The Platinum Edition (for the Atari 2600) allows for several game controllers. 

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