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My simple script to play the games online in Linux distro in EmulationStation

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Hi, there. I made a simple script for myself to play some games on my VCS (or PC or Chromebook) without having the roms on local storage.


I hope not to violate any rule or something. The script does not contain any links to copyrighted contents, it just uses the commands to mount remote content that is publicly available (Internet Archive and Myrient).

If it is not allowed anyway, I am sorry, delete this thread.

So, what it does. It treats the remote files like local files so EmulationStation Desktop Edition can see them and use like local files. It also mounts the thumbnails databases so some games also display the screenshot or another graphics.

It is for Linux only for now and it needs some prerequisities, everything is explained in readme on my github project.

If you have any question, I am here to help.

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