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Are there any good FPS games that portray the Vietnam War accurately?

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battlefield bad company 2's vietnam DLC hit just about every one of the media stereotypes.

The government actually has a way of sapping all the fun out everything, even guns, jets and explosives--so 'accurate' it is not. 🤣


I quite enjoyed this one for a time back on ps3, and it's still available here on steam, but it's probably wise to see how active it is online first. Of course the flip side is that anybody playing a DLC online for 10+ years is going to be unstoppable.


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I thought the Vietnam missions in Jane's USAF were well done. Spent many an hour back in the day bombing Vietcong positions in my F-105 Thunderchief and dogfighting against Migs with the F-4 Phantom. Wasn't a super realistic sim like Falcon 4.0, but it was still definitely a simulation. 

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On 1/25/2023 at 6:48 PM, Psionic said:

I don't know about portraying the war accurately and it's not exactly recent at this point, but I remember the Vietcong series being pretty good at the time.



at least this series has a single RVA (republic of Vietnam)soldier in it, but a proper game should be mainly RVA forces with support from US , New Zealand, and Australian forces against the NVA and Vietcong with sino-soviet support, most people don't realize that millions of men from South Vietnam fought to repulse the invasion from the north.  Their stories being ignored is a tragedy.

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