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Can you 'reserve a part of memory' in Turbobasic ?

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Only by the same methods as you also reserve memory in Atari Basic. You can adjust MEMLO, (2E7,2E8) then continue with NEW. This reserves memory at the lower end, from the previous MEMLO, up to the new (hopefully higher) MEMLO. The next reset, however, re-sets MEMLO. Alternatively, you can reduce MEMTOP (2e5,2e6), and then reserve memory between MemTop and the previous version. Note that MemTop will be adjusted on opening graphics modes. Or, you can use all memory between AppMemHi (E,F) and RamTop. Or you can reduce RamTop (6a), re-open the graphics mode, and then use memory above the graphics screen.


In short, basic uses the memory between MemLo and AppMemHi. It adjusts AppMemHi as its own programs and data grows, until AppMemHi reaches MemTop. The screen/editor handler uses RAM between MemTop and RamTop. It adjusts MemTop (downwards) to reserve its memory, and fails if this approaches memory regions below AppMemHi, the end of application memory.

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