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operation thunderbolt

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Thanks to the great community here. I installed my gotek on my atari st. But some games elude me. Especially the hit squad release of operation thunderbolt. I have the disk and I have the regular release. The regular release refuses to run on my US st but the hit squad runs fine. As this is one of my favorite games on st and a great conversion. I wondering if a .st file is out there for that release.

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I have a sd4st and none of those files worked for me. It said was compatible with the Ultra Satan standard. And it is not. So, I bought a gotek. Which is much easier to work with. So, if a Ultra Satan works properly I may look into those.

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Always worth filling up your PC with every major crack/menu disk group's wares as they should all have no copy protection issues like single game disk images. Of course sometimes the cracktro won't run on later than STFM spec machines and sometimes the monochrome compatibility is a bust due files being removed or the cracktro menu etc b0rking when booted in mono mode so swings and roundabouts. 

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