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Ice Muncher

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Thanks for your comments 😊 ! I'm happy you like it.


On 2/3/2023 at 7:09 AM, alekmaul said:

Well, as an old (but not wise) man, I think it is from this cute tv show ;) 



Good guessed 👍 ! I liked watch this tv show when I was a kid.


19 hours ago, TPR said:

I gave you permissions so you can edit the first post to swap out the rom.  Great game!  Thank you! 

Thanks for permissions, It's fixed.

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Newbie here... I just found this ROM, couldn't find any boxart yesterday - so I threw something together,

maybe someone might find it better than nothing.... 


--> I have other recent Coleco hard to find 2D box art I made also.

 I made a different (game) 3D box... maybe I could do more 3D.

Ice Muncher-image.png

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