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"Loaner Cartridges" found in storage


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I found these when going through my Uncle's stuff.  He was a toy salesman in the 1980s and worked for Atari, so these are authentic. We also found 2 factory reconditioned 2600a consoles (4 buttons...1 unopened!) that we listed on Ebay.  Does anyone know if there's a place to sell and/or get a value on these cartridges?  Is Ebay our best bet?  I have no way to test them to see if they work and would like to give some cash to the estate.  Thanks in advance!


Space Invaders EPROM (undated)

Super Breakout (undated)

Defender EPROM (8/16/82)

Centipede EPROM (8/5/82)



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That 4th one in your picture looked odd to me. At first I thought it was a half missing and damaged cartridge shell. But then I realized it’s basically just the bare board with a lab loaner sticker slapped onto it.


And it looks like a normal production release as well. Because it has the FCC metal shielding soldered to the board which most Atari 5200 lab loaner carts are devoid of because they won’t fit in the cartridge cases with them.


So the first 3 you have there might be worth $75-$150 a piece, (price can vary depending on level of interest and silly buyers) but that fourth one might be pretty much worthless. (again, assuming it has a standard mask rom underneath that metal shielding, which it most likely does)

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