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Controller repair, need help


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Controllers repair help: I have 4 controllers, all of them have problems with buttons and keypad....I bought 2 gold circuit rev 9, I tried them in all controllers, always the same thing: the left button works (I can select game on Multicart) but keypads or start button, don't work so I can't play any game ....any idea what I could try? Thanks 

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did you buy the gold buttons to go along with the gold flex circuit.

do all controllers have the exact same problem.

have you tried the other ports of the machine to see if the other ports work, maybe port 1 messed up.

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@lucifershalo I just replied to your post in the 5200 FB group as well. But this is what you need to do:


1st - since you already replaced the flex circuits, take the controllers apart again carefully and use a small flat tip screw driver or other small metal conductive item to place onto the traces to see if the functions work doing that. If they do, then the issue is the buttons and specifically the carbon pads on those buttons. You can use get replacements of those as well from Best with gold plating on them or use the foil tape method that is described in lots of places.


2nd - if you still find that the buttons won't respond when doing the above, then it could indicate an internal break in the wiring but if all 4 controllers have the exact same issue, then the cabling is likely okay. So that leads us too...


3rd - It is likely if the above all test out, that one or more of the 4052 MUX ICs is bad. They are responsible for the controller keypad matrix and in telling the 5200 which button has been pressed on which controller. These chips are prone to damage from ESD (static) and do go bad often. Over the past couple of years, I have to replace more 4052 ICs in 5200 than flex circuits in controllers. Depending on the model 5200 you have (2port or 4port), there will either be 3 or 5 of these chips inside the console. On many of the 4 port units they are usually in sockets and easy to swap around to help isolate which chips might be the issue and to replace. On later made 4 port and 2 port units, they are soldered directly to the main board. The chips are laid out along side each other on the center front of the console from left to right behind the controller ports just under the RF shielding.



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