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Any good website for SEUCK tutorials?

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I was checking out some maps of Xevious and I am thinking of doing that on the Amiga, but IIRC SEUCK is only 16 colours on both ST and Amiga. Out of curiosity I ramped down some of my graphics to 16 colours and they look quite nice to me. Gotta love all the site with arcade assets ripped and ready to rock and roll with a bit of effort.


So I was wondering if anybody knew of a site or video that did 16bit SEUCK tutorials, preferably ST but 16bit will do :)

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There are some quite impressive SEUCK Atari SY games out there. Some people have used it for Gauntlet and even single screen shooters. 
I don't think the system has the ability to to power ups, etc, but possibly there is a way around that some how. You don't need those for Xevipus, but Galaga would be interesting with away to an add a captures ship ship some how. 

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