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New Intellivision II Control Couplers ready to go and updated 2609 models

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Hey everyone, so thanks to @IntvCasey donating some INTV2 controllers, I was able to design print and test a new controller coupler specifically for these bad boys.  I'm very happy with the performance.  They hold snug without any need for grip material. 


Just PM me if you're interested.  I'll have these on ebay, but if you want to buy direct I'll get you a better price as seen below:

Each controller is $8.  There are three models..  or all three for $21 (#1 2609, #2 Flashback, #3 INTV2) and a flat $5 shipping that includes tracking.  


Anyone who's already bought one from me before (the 2609 v1) can get any of the new ones for $7 each + $5 shipping.  


I now have three models (why there is a number on it, 1 2 and 3) 











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2 hours ago, IntvCasey said:

Tron, night stalker and advanced dungeons and dragons

absolutely.  not to sound biased but complete game changers..  when those demons come running at you in AD&D.. omg it's so nice to have it fluidly move and shoot..  have you tried Tron: Deadlier Discs Rebooted?   This is a fantastic hack / variation of the original..  they made a number of significant changes that offer a really nice experience.  Digital Rom.  Worth every penny.. and Ms. Night Stalker is also amazing.. https://intellivision.us/roms.php  the burgertime is also totally worth it.  

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For anyone who would prefer to go through an online system and not direct to me can find the three versions here:


Version 1 - 2609 Style



Version 2 - Flashback Style



Version 3 - Intellivision 2 Style


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Won't the 2609 coupler work with the Flashback controllers though? I haven't tried it yet, but they're both pretty much the same dimensions.. really miniscule differences were talking, shell wise. My caliper is a kind of a piece of junk, but I only measured roughly .3mm or so difference between the two.

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I have this coupler which I got from Caleb and it is awesome. I don't have any flashback controllers to test it with...

However, Caleb suggests a few pieces of plumbers tape goes a long way in tightening things up if you are using flashback controllers.



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On 1/31/2023 at 6:13 PM, SiLic0ne t0aD said:

but I only measured roughly .3mm or so difference between the two.

right and it's THAT much difference that makes it just a bit looser.  That said even with the Flashback specific model I think there is something about the plastic used itself or the texture of the mold that makes it just a hair more slick and thus is resistant to gripping.  Version 2 which does have the flashback in mind grips better, but after numerous prototypes even when the thicker version that BARELY would pop on.. still was not as snug as the Version 1 and Version 3 for the other respective controllers.  The intellivision 2 worked better than i expected given it's inside area is actually not 90 degrees.. but the coupler just snuggly fits in there and holds the material nicely.  


Again these were never designed to lock in place.  They are not meant to be permanent attachments.  This is something that is made to easily pop on and use and remove when you don't need it.  It's just meant to be an assistant to help the two controllers move and act as one, not make it into some new controller.  


I definitely want to make some games though now that leverage it fully.  Really take advantage of having dual discs as well as number pads making more game mechanic possibilities. 

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