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HSC20 Round 2: Ms. Pac-Man *New Season 2023 - Join in!*

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If anyone missed round 1 join in here and post a score for DK Jr if you want to for some bonus points. Can't believe we've not played this since the start of Season 8?!!!


Fandal xex

XEX & ATR (v1)  atarionline.pl

ROM atarimania

Ms. Pac-Man



Take the default level (red/green cherry), extra man at 10K, the full instructions are on atarimania :)


Bonus Challenges:

again myself and McKong will just play these for fun so the rest of you can bag the bonus points ;)

highest score on the first screen in 1 life

highest score on first man


HSC8 trbb said:

Big Tip - you can hold the diagonal and Ms.P. responds nicely :!:


The game needs a couple more tweaks: If you leave the attract mode on and start it stays on whatever background colour! I played on dark green which was ok apart from couldn't see the wandering fruit (just the top bits over-lapping the walls). The other thing that would be nice is to make it start when you press fire!


Last time we played Marius was looking into versions of the game but not sure where we got to with that so post any comments or issues.



ROUND ENDS WEDS 15th FEB 2023 8pm UK time

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Ms. Pac-Man: 53,140



Ms. Pac-Man (first screen - 1 life): 11,170


Wow - this version is HARD! I'm used to the 7800 port, and in this one, the ghosts become little cruise missiles very quickly!


For the first level score, I think I ate 3 ghosts on a single power pellet twice and all 4 ghosts on a single power pellet twice. So I'm estimating that the max possible score on level 1 is about 14,370 (my score + (1600 for the fourth ghost x 2) ... unless there's some other way to score points that I'm not thinking of. (EDIT: Can't remember if I got both fruits, so it may be slightly higher.)

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1 hour ago, graywest said:

Wow - this version is HARD! I'm used to the 7800 port, and in this one, the ghosts become little cruise missiles very quickly!

I only remember it from the arcade, and this seems much harder than that as well.


One tip for new players, use the tunnels.  It slows down the ghosts but not Ms. Pac-Man.




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22 hours ago, carlsson said:

Bottom cellar dweller again... Not sure if anyone mentioned, but this game has no high score feature so write down or take a screenshot of the score at the final screen, as otherwise you might forget what your best score was.


Ms. Pac-Man - 21290 pts


The only way is up Mr Carlsson 😀

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On 2/2/2023 at 5:26 PM, McKong said:

@therealbountybob I was thinking, maybe we could have a new rule for this season. How about the players finishing in the top two or three in a round don't qualify for the bonuses? That way we can offer plenty of bonuses to keep it interesting

Yes as we've seen already I'm tinkering with things - it won't always be fair, will try and give others a chance - usually exclude former champs etc!  Some games will have special challenges and I'm working through a bunch of menu disks looking for new to the HSC bonus games, I have a few goodies already - trying not to play them much just see if they are ok enough :idea:


Going to be on emulation for most of this round :( :!:


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I am surprised that I have such a hard time this time with Ms. Pac-Man. I remember a few years ago I had more than twice my current score. Is this due to getting older haha? I have to admit, life is currently quite challenging, and asking a lot of me. I notice this most in concentration and energy. So I blame it to that. 


But the round isn't over yet, so prepare for some good scores :D:D:D:D

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9 hours ago, McKong said:

57340 Not a game I've played much before

I must say I have always been a huge fan of Ms. Pac-Man on Atari 8bit. Before Pac-Man the Arcade remake came, it always was my favorite Pac-Man creation. It is quite challenging, and that is good. Not too hard, but definitely not easy. The variation in mazes is really cool, also for the eye and the game behaves very well (well that is my opinion). The three different animation scenes make it a really nice package.


I also love Pac-Man Jr. on atari 8bit... that is even harder. 

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