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HSC20 Round 2: Ms. Pac-Man *New Season 2023 - Join in!*

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1 hour ago, Sikor said:

Small progress: 27300 on real hardware, no photo now (i made it, but progress is too small).

Got my "Last Squadron" Package from Sikor Soft - thank you Sikor !! Hpor to get some time to enjoy this next week once I get rid of the girlfeind (hope she's not reading this! esp on Valentine's day). I will write a review for Pro(c) Atari Mag too :)


Talking of increasing chances of the girlfriend leaving, I decided after 2 years it's time to have a 2nd Atari out - with the plan for one in every room right?


I bought a small unit on castors for the front room so I could quickly setup another Atari in there on the rare occasion I get family or friends round. Sometimes you just like something straight away... the unit was £15 from a charity shop, looks sturdy enough for my 800 but the XEGS is out at the moment, plugged in everything and Ms.P looks nice on this not quite so modern tv - pixellated, bright and cheery and very loud volume! Very Happy but will still play on the other Atari setup more as I can get my face nearer to the action and I like the 14" CRT so much more :D


28,920 last day of play tomorrow folks ;)



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19 hours ago, MichaG said:

But not with your first woman, otherwise there should be 5 Pacwifes at the bottom line.

Shouldn't that be Mrs Pac-Man :D OK she is a strong independent PacWoman :roll:

18 hours ago, Deteacher said:

I'm definitely tardy to the party...got a new laptop for Xmas and haven't loaded everything onto it yet.  Will get a game of Ms. in before the deadline.

Glad you are ok :thumbsup: We'll have a catch up and improve mid season but post a DK score anytime :!:


3 hours ago, McKong said:



1st level 14340

1st life 31870

Right Behind You McKong! Well give or take 10K ;)




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Congratulations to oyamafamily for the win on Mr.s P. also picking up a bonus point for the highest score in 1 life and another one for beating the HSC record :thumbsup: The other bonus challenge was tied so I've awarded that one to Deteacher. No NTSC bonus as the top score was from an NTSC player - possibly Mr's P. benefits from the additional speed :ponder: Great game, much trickier than I remembered but there are 6 lives so it's fair enough. Hope that's fairish and will see you all in Round 3 starting now!!


final tables

If anyone missed either round so far post a late score and join in on the current round ;)


  Ms. Pac-Man     Bonus HSC HSC
  Player   Score Points Points Total
1st oyamafamily   160,830 2 12 14
2nd Cafeman   97,670   11 11
3rd oracle_jedi   90,280   10 10
4th McKong                 69,440   9 9
5th AtariSphinx   61,390   9 9
6th Deteacher   61,010 1 9 10
7th therealbountybob   58,370   8 8
8th Marius   54,980   8 8
9th graywest   53,140   8 8
10th fakecortex   51,070   7 7
11th MichaG   50,230   7 7
12th tompateus   46,740   7 7
13th 8BIT 1337   41,480   6 6
14th Crazy Climber   39,390   6 6
15th Gazzabass   36,370   6 6
16th thank you   34,960   5 5
17th MagicMarc-er   34,230   5 5
18th Caco                      28,170   4 4
19th Sikor   27,300   4 4
20th carlsson   24,040   3 3
21st jblenkle   15,830   3 3
22nd Dinky2008   15,570   2 2
23rd Alicja (Caco Jr)   4,620   2 2
24th Liliana (Caco Jr)   4,590   2 2

first level (in 1 man)

  Player Score
1st oyamafamily 14,340
2nd McKong               14,340
3rd Deteacher 14,340
4th MichaG 12,760
5th 8BIT 1337 12,620
6th AtariSphinx 12,520
7th graywest 11,170
8th therealbountybob 11,140

first man

  Player Score
1st oyamafamily 81,230
2nd McKong               31,870
3rd MichaG 28,100
4th Deteacher 24,680
5th AtariSphinx 22,970
6th therealbountybob 19,710
7th 8BIT 1337 12,620
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