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GOSUB - the last call!

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In 2016, I co-published the game GOSUB for the Mattel Intellivision, complete in box, and it first appeared at the PRGE ( Portland Retro Game Exposition ) show in October of that year




300 cartridges were made.


INTELLIVISION REVOLUTION now has the last remaining physical game cartridges, complete in box, and they are available for sale on their web site:







This is the LAST CALL for physical copies of GOSUB. Once these sell, no more will be made!



Want to give it a try? You can - FOR FREE! You can download the game from INTELLIVISION.US and try it out on your LTO FLASH or jzINTV or your favorite MATTEL INTELLIVISION emulator. 


The download site is:




Once all the physical games are sold and expenses are recovered, Jon from INTELLIVISION REVOLUTION and I have agreed to donate a certain amount of funds to a cause that is, in a way, linked to this game:

an Octopus aquaculture research facility in Hawaii... ( Seriously, I am not kidding... )  This is not a gag. here is the web site:




This organization accepts donations. You will see a DONATE button on the left hand side.

It is not a requirement, but if you download GOSUB for the Intellivision, would you please consider making a donation ( whatever you wish... an amount as even as low as $1 ) to the Kanaloa Octopus research facility? 

The exact donation web page is:




Again, a donation is not required... 

But just think about all the happy octopus / cephalopods that you will be helping and providing funds for food and sea water, etc.

If you want to learn more, Read the FAQ on their web site at:



At a future date and time, Jon from INTELLIVISION REVOLUTION and I will provide an update with the status of the C.I.B. sales and the amount that we donated to the research center.




-Tim D.


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