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FS Atari Indus GT for Repair

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Hi - I have a partially working Indus GT drive (for Atari) I want to offer here before resorting to eBay. It has some issues so I am asking $100 plus shipping. U.S. lower 48 only. With original power adapter and a SIO cable. 


Here’s what my testing shows:


I can get it to read and boot many diskettes. I have loaded several games on homemade diskettes successfully. However I often get G5 errors on other diskettes. For example:  I can boot a single density OSS DOS XL 2.30p error free, every time. I can ‘Q’ to DOS, type ‘DIR’ and get a good directory listing. 

However, everytime I try to boot a double density version of the same OSS DOS XL version I get a G5 error. The disk boots fine on other drives I have. So maybe a timing or alignment issue?  I do not know how to fix. Maybe just needs a belt?  I don’t know. 

A second issue is the middle LED bar on the right LED number does not light up. So a ‘3’ looks like ‘]’ (see picture). 

Last, a cosmetic issue. The plastic front window is in great mechanical shape (it opens and closes as intended). However it has several scratched areas and several areas that appear to have heat damage like from a solder iron??  See pictures. 

If you know how to repair these this should be a good unit for you. 



plastic front cover has some cosmetic flaws. 










LED display of ‘03’ (middle bar of the ‘3’ does not light up)


Example of a successful boot of single-density diskette

and  ‘DIR’






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