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Compiling list of region-locked games

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I've been converting some of Peter's hard-drive adapted GAMEX games over to his improved HAGA system.


During the course of conversion, there were some games that were found to be region-locked and wouldn't work on a NTSC system.  So these were unlocked and now they run ok on my STE.  Of course, some games may not work properly if designed around the timings for PAL.  But so far, the games that were unlocked have only the side effect of slightly faster music speed.


Anyway, I would like to compile a list of any of Peter's hard drive adapted games that people know don't work on their NTSC systems.  It's hard to go through all 1600+ games individually :).  The intention is to then make such games region-free if possible.


So far these games have been patched to allow them to run on NTSC machines (HAGA versions):


Alien Syndrome

Federation Quest I - B.S.S. Jane Seymour (thanks Peter)

Cisco Heat

Chase HQ

Chase HQ 2 (thanks Peter)


Well, how about it?  Anyone know any other games that won't work on their NTSC machines?


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