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Redemption 5200 Label Contest


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Redemption5200.jpgAtariAge and Pixels Past are teaming up to hold a label contest for the upcoming Redemption 5200 Controller Adapter. Redemption 5200 allows you to use controllers from other systems so you can enjoy Atari 5200 games without fighting the standard Atari 5200 controllers, which are notorious for frequently malfunctioning. Redemption 5200 comes in three models, all allowing non-5200 controllers to be used on a 5200 system:

  • Atari 2600 and Sega SMS/Genesis
  • Atari 7800 (with two fire button support)
  • PC joystick (analog style with trimmers)

All Redemption 5200 models also allow you to plug in a standard Atari 5200 controller, giving simultaneous access to the 5200 Keypad for games that require it. We are looking for a set of labels for the three different Redemption 5200 models. The winner of the contest will receive $50 Cash, a $50 AtariAge Store Credit, and their own 5200 Redemption Controller Adapter! Please visit the Redemption 5200 Label Contest page for details on how to enter the contest, and the AtariAge Store to pre-order the Redemption 5200 for a 10% discount!
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All Redemption 5200 models also allow you to plug in a standard Atari 5200 controller, giving simultaneous access to the 5200 Keypad for games that require it.


How about the START button.. does it still rely on the 5200 controller pad for Start button functions?

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Okay does anyone here know how to make image backgrounds tranparent (so the white box disappears) while using Adobe Photoshop 7.0? Thanks!


1. First make sure it's an RGB image from the menu: Image - Mode -and make sure RGB is checked. This only important if th image is PNG, BMP or GIF.

2. You need to select the background you want to make transparent. There are many ways to make selections in PS.

a. The Magic Wand (W key) - just click the background and it will select the predominent color. There is a tolereance setting for how aggressive it it is in matching that color. Experiment, higher number, more color grab. If this looks like it has made a clean selection, click Select - feather -and make make the value 1. This will soften the edge. Now hit Ctrl J(CMD J on Mac) to make a new layer out of your selection. Delete the original bottom layer.

b. Pen tool(p) -The most accurate selection tool but if your not familiar with it, it's a little intense. Basically you trace the edge of your obect using points and bezier curves. Skip this for casual users.

c. Use the Extract command - From the menu Filters - Extract. This will open a new window. Adjust your brush size on the right hand side to like 5 or so. Trace the outline of the object you want to separate. Try to slightly overlap the edge. Pick the fill bucket on the left and click in the center of your outline. Click preview, if it lloks cool hit OK. If it looks bad, hit Alt and the cancel button will say RESET, click it. Try again.


Hope this helps, I typed it quick at work so it's probably filled with typos. :)

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