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Looking for ST and UltraSatan compatible files, not .ST format disk images


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Where can I find ST software in folders in FAT format, rather than .ST or .STX images?


I have a nice working image on my UltraSatan with three partitions, one of which is filled up, but I'd like to add a bunch more software. It seems like all I need to do is move ST software FAT format folders onto SD card. I believe when I initially got my UltraSatan working, I used someone's excellent SD card image with loads of stuff on it. Now I'm looking for some specific titles to add to it (the Dragon's Lair and related games, for example).


I've found quite a few archives with .ST and .STX disks. I've even loaded .ST disk files into Applesauce (see applesaucefdc.com and try out the MacOS only client) to export the files, but it seems that the programs aren't cracked or fully deprotected into files at least, so they can't be exported entirely. Basically I'm looking for software in hard drive installable file folders, rather than on disk images. 



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39 minutes ago, ojanhk said:

Thanks. I did check there, but it appears the SD card images and hard drive images are not there any more. I saw some links to that in past forum posts. If there is a total ST type file to download, that would be great. 


But it does have individual software downloadable in the format I want, so I will grab some of that. But not Dragon's Lair and sequels. 



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I just checked for Dragon’s Lair and there are actually 4 of them available to download. Go to this page, https://atari.8bitchip.info/fromhd3.php?s=n#DL find the list of game and sort by name. You can then download each game as a zip file, unzip it and copy the content to one of your SD card partition.

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If you are looking to run games from ultrasatan and would like a menu selection program, check out the HDmenu.


I've been adding some new features to simonsunnyboy's program and always appreciate any feedback and new users.


There is a thread on atari-forum about it also if you want to read about some of the features or request additional capabilities.


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