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Best recommended power supply replacement for Colecovision?


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I picked up a boxed Coleco last year, and i suspect that the power supply is failing--if the system boots up and the Colecovision logo is washed out, i know the game is going to glitch.  If i get a vivid color Coleco logo--it works.  I often move the power brick/chord around a little to get best results.

So, question--whats the best available replacement power?  I spotted one on Ebay--any others / thoughts /  recommendations?




(Heres the one i saw on ebay)



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The one you listed will work as I have one, but it does introduce some noise on my RF and composite video outputs from my console. I also have a COLUSB and that works just as well without any noise being introduced. However you do need to get a USB C cable for it and decent phone/tablet charger to power it with if you go that route.


I've also got one of the PSUs from Keelog. It is what I've been using the most in my actual game room. The power cord length is a bit short but it seems to do the job just as well.


ColUSBs can be purchased from Stone Age Gamer here:



And the Keelog PSU can be purchased from Keelog directly here:



You could also look at getting your OEM PSU rebuilt. @Ruggers Customs provides this service and it might be cheaper than the other solutions but would have to reach out to him to find out the pricing.



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thanks to both of you!  I havent disassembled at all--i didnt know this could even be the issue, since the issues im seeing seem to so clearly match the common "power supply" descriptions?


Crossbow, you're a gem---thanks for the info---will research

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