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Just heads up. I'll be unloading some Atari 2600 wood grain and sears telegame systems. Plus some misc stuff.

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Just heads up. I'll be unloading some Atari 2600 wood grain and sears telegame systems. Plus some misc stuff.

I still need to test it, take pictures, and etc etc. I wanted to give everybody first chance. I prefer not to put it up in e-bay.

Also have some original unrestored black games gears. Misc condition

A sega saturn us. Black. With 1 joystick A/V cable and if needed I think a power cable.


Since I'll be testing. If you would like any additional information while doing that. I can try and get it. I'll post pictures of each item after I test it and I get a sec. As I go through stuff. I'll post list other things to for a nibble.

As you may or may not know. I purchased an Atari 800 at an Estate sale and need to cover the cost. I don't have the heart to break up the system. So it is easier to clean out misc. stuff. To make up the cash I spent.




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I have NOT tested an of this yet. These have NOT been restored. Though one or two them have been opened up and cleaned. The six Switcher is not for sale. I took a picture of it so you guys can add the serial number to the database. I don't know how many joysticks, and paddles I have. I just stuck them all in a collection. The idea is I'm going to test them and take a few for my collection. The game gear does power on with an ac adapter but the screen is not working.  Don't know how to explain it. Might need more than caps. The 2 games does work. It also has both blue batter covers on the back. The Sega Saturn and joystick is not tested. I have no way of testing them either. As you can see one of the Sears system was modified. I found it that way. If you cannot wait or don't care about testing. Shoot me a number and price. Your pay shipping is from Pocatello, Idaho 83204. As with anything. As-Is No Return I'll answer any questions and once I put them up on e-Pay. I'll provide the proper links. I'm old school and use paypal for payments.  

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I tested and found some horrible news. Non of the indy 500, tennis paddles and joysticks are for sale. Yes, I know the paddles need to be serviced. But, I don't want to sell them until I know I have a good set. As for the joysticks. They was all bad or needing service except for 1. Go figure. Now on to the good news

Atari #1 Works

Atari #2 Works

Atari #3 Works

Atari #4 The one with the dirt. Does not work and the switch feels horrible. So I'm not surprised.


What was tested. Left joystick port with games. Then all the switches. Some worked better than others but as expected. These all need to be serviced. Just keep that in mind. My next post will be when I get them listed on ebay.

Thanks, Josh

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On 2/12/2023 at 1:32 PM, Tanooki said:

I can't use another game gear, but if you parted it out, andd it was a game I found worthwhile, would you split this up?  I'm curious what the backwards one is with the label down.

Scratch Golf. Just a common game.

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