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GOTEK Question

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A few weeks ago, I was messing around with the settings of my FlashFloppy USB. I honestly have no idea what I did, but it hasn't worked since. I tried to wipe it clean, reformat it, and place the requisite files, i.e., AUTOBOOT.HFE, HXCDSDFE.CRG, back on. 


I placed one disk image on the USB to test. It is a .st file.  


But each and every time I try to boot up, I get the message: Error: Media attach failed! (Please see the photo below. Sorry it's blurry; it's the composite video from my STE) 


I don't see this on the list of error messages on the FlashFloppy website.




Does anybody possibly know what the issue is and how to correct it? I would appreciate any help possible. 






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It looks like it can't see the USB device, are you formatting FAT16/32 ? it will not work with any other format.


If formatted ok, I would leave the autoboot and config files off, put 1 .st file on and load that image manually using the buttons

and try that first.


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@TGB1718That worked! Thanks! I don’t get the fancy on-screen file browser, but I can load up images. That’s all I need really!

Btw, I’ve asked a handful of questions in this forum over the years and you’ve helped me with 90% of them. I really appreciate it!

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@GRC7800 thank you, glad to help, any time.



I don't have a Gotek, but do have a GOEX which uses the same software and had immense problems trying to get it

to work, so had to play with everything in an attempt to get it going, it did however turn out to be a faulty unit

which the supplier replaced :) ( I nearly threw it in the bin )


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