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Tons of Atari ST Big Box (and little) Games - most new/sealed! ST/Falco Brochures + Magazines

Clint Thompson

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I don’t have the room, time or heart to open most of these games and realize now that they’re probably best in someone’s collection instead of collecting dust in an Atari box. With that said, I’m going to be continuously listing over 100 boxed Atari ST games along with other misc. Atari items / hardware I no longer need, have room or the time for as time permits. 

I’ll update the thread when I’ve added new things. Right now I’ve got 20 games up for grabs like Space Ace, all the Dragon’s Lairs, Test Drive 1 and 2 and a slew of others. Some Atari Computers brochures and catalogs that may be of interest. 

Shipping within U.S. only, will combine shipping on multiple won items.


My listings can be found here:




Thanks for looking!








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Jack Nicklaus - sold

Space Ace - sold

Few days left on Dragons Lair and Test Drive lot. Heads up as I’m going to list a dozen other movie related ST games this weekend. 


Had a few questions regarding international shipping but avoiding direct payments and international, sorry.

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Listed 5 more Atari ST game lots tonight:




Ferrari and Lombard Rally


Lotus Esprit 1 & Lotus III


Hacker II


Hydra and Hard Drivin’


And a large lot of 7 games including Dragon Breed, Zero Gravity, Lethal Xcess, Anarchy, Eagle’s Rider, Fallen Angel and ZYNAPS.







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7 game lot SOLD.


Changed the Ferrrari + Rally Games $50 and Hydra + Hard Driven $45 and BAT2 $59 to buy it now options. 


More lots coming this weekend…

Also added ST international magazines and a ton of Atari Computer brochure and Toad Catalogs with Atari stock certificate as a BIN:





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Posted (edited)

Last lot of Atari ST games I have, most opened/used, some are still sealed.


Lot of nice movie adaptations including Street Fighter II, Supremacy, Terminator 2, Rambo III, etc.






Updated with massive 32 Atari ST User, ST Log and STart magazine lot: https://www.ebay.com/itm/325620181820




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