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HSC20 Round 3: Robotron 2084 *New Season - Join In!*


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Robotron 2084

Atarimania has ROM version, atarionline.pl has XEX and ATR versions.


Well it was long overdue a HSC play, text below from last time way back in HSC7...



Let's kill some Grunts, Hulks, Brains, Spheroids, Electrodes, and Mutants Progs... Is that the same Spheroids from M.U.L.E.?... I think they should be spared... Nah ;) Basically move about and kill everything and rescue "defenseless humans" who somehow don't die when they are repeatedly shot... unlike the robots who die at the merest whiff of a bullet, hmm, makes me wonder how come they need rescuing in the first place :D


Play on default setting (level 1), if you find this game way too tough (you struggle to beat the first three screens)  play on difficulty level 0 as you wish.


Joystick coupler use welcome or try two sticks at the same time!



The XEX version 3 crashes or has other issues. ATR version looks okay so far.


Game reminds me of Berzerk but in this case you can touch the walls and robot moves faster and shoots multiple times. The variety of enemies and obstacles in later waves reminds me of Millipede with all those different bugs attacking you (and even the sounds sound familiar). Probably should do better with two joysticks since with one you have to move in the direction you shoot at but then getting used to two joysticks requires a learning curve.



I tried two joysticks: left hand move, right hand fire was ok, but when I swapped these over it broke my brain :-o (I'm right handed so must be why)... did much better with a single stick :)


Round ends Weds 29th Feb 8pm UK time :D


Have fun :)

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Robotron: 2084 (one stick): 78,700


Robotron: 2084 (two sticks): 267,550


Two sticks was definitely easier than one for me, but it depends on what you're used to, I guess. My big problem was getting two standard joysticks stabilized without a joystick holder. I ended up setting them next to each other on a table and moving/firing with my thumbs on the tips of the sticks.


My only tip for this game is probably pretty obvious if you've played before: kill almost all of the enemies but try to leave one grunt alive at the end. Then you can go around and mop up all the humans. Once you've rescued a fifth human in a stage they are worth 5,000 pts. apiece. This can run up your score pretty quickly, especially in every fifth round with the walking brains because there are tons of humans there.

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35 minutes ago, carlsson said:

17 years from now, you might no longer have that finger.

Given how ridiculously over engineered the Atari and the Sony are, the 1200XL and PVM will surely still be going strong 17 years from now.... but yeah... the finger is another matter entirely.


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3 hours ago, oracle_jedi said:

index finger may now never recover

Now look at them joysticks, that's the way you do it.
You play the Robotron on Atari.
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it.
Highscore for nothin' and points for free.
Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it.
Lemme tell ya them guys ain't dumb.
Maybe get a blister on your little finger.
Maybe get a blister on your thumb.
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