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Did the 520ST ship with any kind of battery inside?


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Thanks to all for sharing their experience and opinions on this forum.

I'm selling my 520ST and a potential buyer is asking if there is any kind of battery within the 520ST.

Rather than me opening the machine I thought I might just pose it as a question since I love definitive answers, as hard as they are come by!


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Nope. Not the 520ST. Not the 520/1040ST(f,m) or 520/1040STe either.


The MegaST have battery compartment on top of the case. The MegaSTe and TT has as well. But not the kind used in Amigas. They are incapsulated in a plastic case and not soldered directly to the PCB. So normally nothing one have to be concerned about and have to clean PCB or broken tracks. Not a major problem like on other systems.

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