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Atari 50: Patch alters Tempest 2000 control?


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Just got the patch for Atari 50th Anniversary on my Switch and I noticed that you can access an option now to change the control for the game to analog control. Unfortunately using the thumbstick to play the game appears to be the same as before- there's no analog aspect. The shooter scoots around the ring always at the same quick speed no matter how little or how much you tilt the stick. The actual arcade Tempest game has always been an analog control game on Atari 50 (with analog stick-tilting aspects), and I was hoping things would improve to that same level of analog control on Tempest 2000 on the Switch version with this new added option. No dice. 




Apparently the people who own the "VCS" and PC versions are talking about how the patch actually added true paddle/mouse/spinner analog control to Tempest 2000 on Atari 50. Seems unfair. 




Guess we Switch owners can always hope for a second "patch" that actually does something to activate analog control. That would be nice. 



















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