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Is Premier Manager II fatally bugged?

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I've just tried the Cynix crack of this in emulation, and it seems like a promising conversion of a very good Amiga game, with all the options there, though missing background graphics. However, it always fails during the matches (hanging on Hatari, crashing altogether on STeem). I've tried ST and STe configs, turning the match animations off in the game, the second drive on and off, and more than 1Mb (with 2Mb it lasted about an hour of the first match, so could it be a memory clearance issue?). Is this a faulty crack or an emulation issue, or does the real boxed game do this? It wouldn't be the only time that fundamentally faulty games have been released in a machine's dying days, by companies who clearly hope we'll forget once we've got a new system. Reviews mentioned nothing, so I hope it was just the crack at fault.

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