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Maybe another Chess game?

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2 hours ago, nanochess said:

Boxes are ready! And games are being built!



That's awesome, thanks for the update!👍😊

Hopefully the other 3 games will be ready at the same time.🫰

I am looking forward to playing all 4!

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2 hours ago, Steve Jones said:

a glue your own adventure ? 😄

In my personal case, yes. Lol


These are promotional copies right from the printer. Doing 4 videos this week, one on each release.  I can assure you that people that buy them will get assembled shrink wrapped copies. 😁

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30 minutes ago, carlsson said:

Can Mr. Chess counter the Cow opening, courtesy Anna Cramling?

Good question!  I'm not a strong enough player to really attempt it - i.e. not sure my playing strength would showcase the opening's strengths or weaknesses vs. just my own play.


I love Anna's channel.  She's always so positive.

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4 hours ago, carlsson said:

Can Mr. Chess counter the Cow opening, courtesy Anna Cramling?

Mr. Chess isn't surprised by openings, it will play blindly trying to enhance the position. With any opening, a pair of bad moves or a distraction of the player gives it an advantage.


The cow opening sounds funny, and a great title for Youtube. I just watched her video.


Now you need to create the Carlsson opening 😁

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I know how the individual pieces move, and that's about it. When I was 10 years old we played chess in school. I beat my opponent after he made a mistake. He got upset and overturned the chess board, and the person in charge blamed me. Since I already then liked video games much more, I decided to not put any more effort into chess, and I'm more or less on that path nearly 40 years later.


I stumbled across Anna's channel by chance and I agree she's absolutely bubbling. One of my favorite videos was from some park in New York where she brought her mother Pia, and they met an enthusiastic man who was on a mission to teach chess to everyone who liked to listen. They pretended like happy amateurs and he went on to describe the game and strategies. Late into the game he complemented Pia for playing so well for a relative newcomer. She then admitted she is a GM and that the best player she had played against probably was Karpov, upon he was shocked but excited and demanded a rematch.

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