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Archiving ST copy protected ST Disks /w Greeseweasle ??

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  I just purchased a greeseweasle to archive protected ST disks. It was cheap and several posts suggest that this is a good solution. 

I want to archive to preserve these titles, but also for emulation use, and to be able to write back to a real disk if wanted. I think a disk will have to be saves in three formats.


I can not find a simple step by step tutorial about how to hook it up properly, and then what software to use with the right settings for ST's

There is a lot for Amiga, a little for PC's, but nothing I can find for ST disks.

I have watched several videos about these, and have some idea how it works. but there are major gaps for ST uses.

I also have many original disk game/app disks that now have corrupted data, and I want to write back already archives programs. (just my wired thing..)

I have a PIII/Win98se machine to use with USB and 1.44 or 720kb drives, and my main win10 PC. Oh and a Falcon and several other ST's

Thoughts, links, ideas, suggestions, etc.

Any help would be appreciated !!

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I don't have a GW myself to help you with the exact recommended parameters to dump ST disks. You will probably find more help about that at atari-forum.com


Writing back copy protected images might be problematic depending on the exact title and image. Note that many of us don't recommend writing over original disks. But if you insist, they are your disks after all. Again, see this thread at atari-forum: https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=28228


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6 hours ago, KLund1 said:


   NO help out there with this?

Usual for this forum!

Anyone ......

Hello @KLund1. It is just a suggestion, but it may help when you try a search, to spell the search term correctly.

I don't have a Greaseweazle either and searching the forums here at AtariAge doesn't help as they reference Atari 8 bit.

I did however find MUG UK https://mug-uk.co.uk/preserving-atari-st-disks/ which may help you and Aufit https://info-coach.fr/atari/software/pc-projects/Aufit.php to process the files afterwards.

I hope that this assists you in some way.

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I just got one and been messing with it on Amiga disks, and want to start with ST disks next.  I think we can read/write as SCP image, but would like to convert to STX format.  I think that tool Aufit might be what I need.  Will give it a try.

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That sounds great!!

Just for reference for all, could you list steps taken to do the rip and convert of the ST disks. Especially copy protected disks. The the programs and version number used when and why. NOthing crazy, but something we all could follow along with.

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Created a working .STX of my orignal game disk.  I first created a .SCP file with GreaseweazleGUI.exe, then used Aufit 1.3 to write the .STX.  On the last tab Save Image you can save the file.  Very easy.

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So if you want to write a .STX files back to real disk, you have to use HxC Floppy Emulator tool to convert the .STX file back to .SCP, then you can write it to disk using GreaseweazleGUI.exe


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