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2022 Awards - let's speculate!

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I don't envy the decisions the nomination committee has to make, it was a busy year.


As for HoF, to me the no-brainer is the one that started it all, 4-Tris. I'd add Space Patrol, D2K, and Christmas Carol right up there too.

There's roughly 15-16 years of backlog to choose from, so it might take a while to catch up depending on how many HoF entries per year.

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100% the first HoF entry should be 4-Tris.  I don't think HoF entries need to be locked to winners or even nominees of past years.  HoF is a great way to recognize influential and awesome games of the past regardless of how they were received at the time.  That said, definitely a place for past winners such as D2K and Christmas Carol. 👍👍👍

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On 3/3/2023 at 7:51 PM, cmadruga said:

I agree on 4-Tris for induction, the game that started the Intellivision homebrew scene. Excellent game, and very polished.

Stonix is another one well deserving.

As influential as 4-Tris was, I think a case could be made that Space Patrol was even more so in inspiring and attracting programmers to the platform.  It is also a great game on its own.


Perhaps both should be inducted:  4-Tris as the very first milestone, and Space Patrol as truly the first professionally produced game in mass quantities and released to a wide audience, that also pushed the limits of what the Intellivision could do.

Stonix is fantastic -- anything that Arnauld makes is pure gold -- but it was released very early on and in smaller quantities, not known by many, and perhaps not as influential as it could have been, unfortunately.  Sometimes history conspires against you.



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Other honors bestowed on 4-Tris are:

  • It provided a test case for (or the birth place of) of the SDK-1600 library, which was the core engine driving P-Machinery and Christmas Carol.
  • Released as open source under the GPL.
  • First game run and debugged in jzIntv (which was being created at the time).
  • I'm sure there are other ...


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I thought I played Stonix, but apparently the first (!) Intellivision game that I came across was Stack 'Em! (4K) from the 2004 MiniGame Compo. Also by Arnauld of course.


In 2006, we saw Zombie Marbles (4K ??) and Shape Escape (6K) by John Doherty. I think those were the only three entries for Intellivision in this contest that ran yearly at least 2001-2009.

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I don't think I have enough of the 2022 releases to really make a fair guess, but the Norseman deluxe package from Cote Gamers is definitely a great candidate for best packaging.  REALLY nice.  Only game I have that may be a competitor to it is Inflitrator with it's included CD.

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Lol, ya. But I'm looking more at the complete package. Nicely 3D printed shell with a graphic inset, thick manual with the history of the game and the mindset of the programmer included, art print and sheet music printed on a nice plastic material, 3D printed figure, big box that looks great on a shelf.




Exactly what you'd expect from a "collector's edition" and therefore a solid candidate in any packaging category.



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Based on my tracking, the universe of GOTY-eligible games would be the ones below:

There are some digital-only releases in there.

I noticed some differences vs Stupus' list, I think it may be due to timing of (pre)orders collected vs time of actual shipment.

I'm going by the latter, which is what makes sense for Awards purposes. People need to have the game on hand to be able to assess it.

Plus again I'm accounting for the digital releases.


Fox's Quest
Star Mercenary
Robot Army
Cat Attack
The Pandora Incident
Frankenstein's Monster
Keystone Kopps
Fast Food Plus
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Pitfall II
Castle of Death
A Better Mousetrap
Penguin Land
The Show Must Go On
Operation Cloudfire
Poker Risque
Beach Head
Super Pro Space Invaders


Then when it comes to packaging, you also have the following entries to consider:

Games themselves are not eligible because those came up in previous years, but the updated packaging itself is eligible for a Packaging award.


A-F (upgrade kit)
Ninja Odyssey (upgrade kit)
TNT Cowboy (upgrade kit)

Norseman Budget
Norseman Deluxe

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