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What to do with modern controllers that have stick drift?

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What I like to know if it is possible to switch them out with the new hall effect sticks that are being used in the new third party controllers that have been coming out recently.

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I'm pretty sure several companies make analog sticks you can replace the stick itself, rather tossing the otherwise functional controller.


I've never tried, and its been years since I looked so I don't know. Maybe not anymore? Like used to you could get gba backlit screens and I think those are no longer available outside overpriced nos parts.

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No one online fixes them?  I don't know how deep such places go with repairs as replacing the sticks on any Xbox controller (that I'm aware of) requires soldering skills. Have you checked out UBreakIFix or Cell Phone Repair online?  One of my clients used the former when they had a local store and they did a good job on a MacBook Pro. 


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They make little boards with pots on them to at least get them centering again--variations on the below theme.

That'll be the way of the future when we're trying to get one of these sticks going 20 years for now. 

There seems to be tons of suppliers, with aliexpress "clones" (probably the real mfgr) for super cheap.




I really am digging the new (slight) trend back toward hall effect sticks for higher-end 3rd party controller manufacturers. It took a while to get used to gulikit's l/r trigger philosophy though.

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On 3/16/2023 at 5:14 AM, Atariboy said:

eStarland replaces analog stick mechanisms. I have a couple that I need to send out one of these days that developed stick drift after only a relatively small amount of use (A late Xbox 360 gamepad that came with my 360 E and my PS4's Dual Shock 4).



Oooo, thanks for that!  I have an Xbox One controller with a bad stick.  I got it in a controller lot, so I'd still be coming out ahead with this fix.

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