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Ethics: Letting your girlfriend win

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We just recently started playing vidya together. Mostly we play one player games and encourage each other. Maybe next year we will get to mario cart. I think I'll start by showing her everything that I know and see how things turn out.

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Met my wife 22 yrs ago playing in an organized team league.  We had both played prior of course.  As time went on she was playing on a different team and I had to play against her in a doubles game.  I showed no quarter.  If I had, she would have known enough to know it and been insulted. 


Gaming..she's never been interested.  I got her to play Monopoly on Playstation a couple of times.

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1 hour ago, GameGirl420 said:

This thread is rather sexist and dumb imo.   It's embarrassing even that people still think this way,as if we women aren't into gaming as much or as skilled as gamers? lol Stupid.

I can agree with that. Unless it's a little kid (like super little), I'd never throw a game. I think it's a disservice.


I proudly say, and it's true, that I never beat my grandmother at checkers.  I have way more respect for her because of that then if she let me win.  And she was an avid gamer... She just played games from her generation.  I don't think I ever beat her at Tennis either.


The other week, I brought my kids to a local retro arcade.  My daughter (7) can focus pretty intensely.  At this arcade was a Hang On machine (motorcycle, as if you didn't know).  My daughter is barely tall enough to see the screen.


From across the room, the owner of the arcade was watching her. After five minutes, he walked over to "help".  After all, the handlebars were higher then her nose. I was so proud that, to the owner's surprise, he saw that my daughter was qualifying, and actually earning extended laps.


He turned and muttered something about "well actually you are doing pretty good!". 


Anyone with decent hand eye coordination can handle a controller. In friendly competition if one is not playing to one's skill, that's pandering. There better be a damn good reason for it, otherwise it's (to bring back a classic term) dishonorable.


It comes down to this... You've got to respect the other party enough to allow them to rise to the challenge of beating you at your best. That's the whole point. Everyone gets better returns on their efforts that way, and skills get built fastest.


So yeah, I think the notion of dumbing down one's skill, especially for sexist reason,  is playing into something that seems degenerative. 

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