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Very GOOD! I did only have bad results  :x


Well, it was fun to create it.

But some minor bugs are driving me crazy with this tool...


-Drawing with PMg is partially diffcult, because the bit you want to set is flickering "1-0"

-On the bottom of the picture you see some PM artefacts. I have never drawn them and I can't delete them due to the interface.

Drawing in the PM on the bottom will appear sometimes in changes on the top and vice versa...


I wonder if a future version will save executable files...

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Hey HEAVEN ! What are you doing wrong with X-ASM anyway?

I tried assembling WAPPEN myself and everything works fine!

By the way, go to:



and download latetest X-ASM version (03-10-2002: released version 2.5.2)



OK, so this is how I did it:

1. SAVE ASM in G2F

2. copy some files to be placed together: wappen.asm, wappen.scr, wappen.fnt and xasm.com

3. execute "XASM wappen.asm"

4. works fine !!!


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i must admit that druid does not work either.... i am not sure what i am doing wrong...


graph2fnt v3.2


defaults settings a000,9000,8000



xasm 2.5.2, even the OBX and the ATR show same result, druid produces rolling picture with lots of garbage when running under atari800win4.0 PAL...


which settings did you test the stuff????



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